Life 2/5/14: Overnighter


First overnighter of the week, and I’m discovering a new tactic that seems to be helping with focus. I’m listening to an audiobook while working. I’m somewhat adhering to my modified Pomodoro technique, interspersing creative work with moving over laundry, organizing the home office, etc.

I came across a good post from @Patio11 on the topic of creating work that can be viewed publicly versus non-visible miring behind the scenes. It applies whether you’re in a day job, moonlighting, or a full-time entrepreneur or freelancer. Definitely a worthwhile read for anyone in any mix of those categories.

I’m pretty excited about the securing of a coworking space with a friend to work on an as of yet undisclosed SaaS project. What with the pretty decent furniture from my favorite Goodwill and some things from the house, it’s shaping up into a decent little startup atmosphere. A few bean bags and a lava lamp, and we’ll be all set.


I added an iPhone 5C to the pocket last month to supplement the LG Optimus F7 I’ve had for about 8 months. I haven’t had an iPhone since the 4 came out, so I’m enjoying the smoothness and the “it just works” factor. With the LG on Boost Mobile and the iPhone on Verizon LTE, needless to say, the data performance is greatly improved. Call quality is pretty equal between Boost Mobile, with Verizon winning by far in the coverage area and inside building coverage.

First time writing this little update post, perhaps I’ll continue it, it worked out as a nice little Pomodoro break, and helped me focus a bit on what the important things on my plate are this week.

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Caffeine Review: Down to Earth Fresh Roasted Costa Rican Coffee


This morning I’m enjoying a fine cup of Costa Rican coffee, compliments of a fundraiser run by a friend’s daughter’s high school. As I’ve been trying a wider variety of coffee beans recently, I decided to pen a review and learn a little bit more about Costa Rican coffee beans and culture.

The particular blend I’m drinking this morning is from the Dota Valley in the Tarrazú Region of Costa Rica. While doing a cursory scan of the Wikipedia page on Coffee Production in Costa Rica, I discovered that my cup is in good company:

Tarrazú is thought to produce the most desirable coffee beans in Costa Rica,[7] and they are among the finest Arabica coffee beans in the world used for making espresso coffee, together with Jamaican Blue MountainGuatemalan Antigua and Ethiopian Sidamo. In November 2012, Tarrazú Geisha coffee became the most expensive coffee sold by Starbucks, toppling Jamaica’s Blue Mountain from the first place. The coffee was sold only in 48 out of the 10,800 Starbucks stores in the United States, at a price of US$6 for the small cup and US$7 for the large cup, while the average price of a cup of coffee in the U.S. is US$1.38.

Online customers were able to buy 226 grams (0.5 lb) packs at a price of US$40 each and it was sold out in less than 24 hours.

Well well, it turns out you can enjoy a fine cup of coffee, help fund a rewarding trip (the fundraiser helps students pay for a summer sojourn to Costa Rica), and even increase your productivity all in one. I cannot verify this scientifically, but I believe my typing rate has increased during the consumption of this cup by 5-10 words per minute (your results may vary).

I chose to enjoy my cup with a moderate amount of Hazelnut creamer, as I am a simple coffee drinker, not a coffee purist. I failed to notice any subtle notes of floral or nuttiness, but it did have a strong body, and as a pack a day smoker, I doubt I would notice if there were actual flowers or nuts in the cup.

Bottom line: a fine cup of coffee, a morning pick-me-up, and a good cause all in one.

Rating: Five Stars ★★★★★

If you’d like some of this coffee, and want to help out a good cause, email me and I’ll give you the details. Available to fund Hazen High School Students of Renton, WA going to Costa Rica for a limited time.