@ShaneSnow from Contently shares some Freelance Strategy Hacks

Freelance Strategy Hacks from Erin on Vimeo.

Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder at Contently and author of the book Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success brings you his secrets to hacking the freelance ladder and succeeding as a writer.

Amy Hoy tells you how to kick ass with your copywriting

I’ve been a web design & development generalist for a long time, not necessarily out of intention, but rather the nature of taking on a wide variety of projects to pay the bills.

This means reading a lot about SEO, Analytics, Hosting, Social Media Marketing, and yes – copywriting. I do this to offer advice, if not the whole package of services to clients that I build web solutions for.

The video Amy has over at UnicornFree is perhaps the clearest and most useful piece I’ve watched breaking down bad copywriting and how to fix it. I highly recommend it.

Is bad copy killing your product?

The best computer interface? Maybe … your hands

Tuesday Good Stuff

You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy - Smashing Magazine

Some great points in here, especially on responsive vs mobile first development load times. A must implement strategy, and this is a great place to start.

Simplify Your WordPress Theming With Twig And Timber - WPMUDev

This is something I’m learning myself, but from what I’ve gleaned here – the advantages of using Twig & Timber include faster load times, an easy to learn framework, and works well within that favorite CMS of mine – WordPress. I’ll write more up once I’ve played with this tutorial a bit.

Fear, Wondering, and Wandering - Jesse Petersen

Jesse Petersen is a WordPress Developer I follow who works primarily with the Genesis framework. In my opinion, it’s always good to follow people who are running their business in a way you’d like to, have a site design that piques your interest, etc. I liked this article on the transition from employment to the last five years running his business.

Creative Mornings – Cal McAllister

I was looking at the Creative Mornings SEA page to see what’s upcoming, and remembered this talk from Cal McAllister. Along with Ian Cohen, he’s founder of the Wexley School for Girls, a Seattle Creative Agency. There are a lot of good takeaways from this talk, my favorite was the underlying theme of having fun leading to success in the creative process.