swivelCard – The Ultimate Card for Freelancers?

I really want these…..wondering what the price will come down to once they’re in full post Kickstarter production mode.

There are some really interesting things that could be done with these. As a freelancer, I’d love to be able to hand out a card that directs to a potential client specific page on my site, perhaps with links to a shared Dropbox, an Asana or Trello page, and all the other needed parts of collaboration. Hmm.

@ShaneSnow from Contently shares some Freelance Strategy Hacks

Freelance Strategy Hacks from Erin on Vimeo.

Shane Snow, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder at Contently and author of the book Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success brings you his secrets to hacking the freelance ladder and succeeding as a writer.